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One of the places for which Turkey is popular for is the city resort of Kusadasi in the Aydin Province, Kusadasiwhich is located around 56 miles south of Izmir at the Aegean Coast of Turkey. It is so-called such since from an angle from the sea, the peninsula resembles the head of a bird, thus, “kus” for bird and “ada” for island as Kusadasi.. It is usually said to be one of the most beautiful cities facing the Aegean Sea since the scenery and landscape of the area is just as

fascinatingly beautiful as its history. It has been a center of art and culture not only of Turkey but also of many civilizations since it was founded in 3000 B.C. Today, it resembles a modern European city. Because of its hot KuasadaiMediterranean climate for roughly 92% of the year, so Kusadasi has become one of the most traveled destinations in Europe.In off-peak season, the Kusadasi city has a population of only 50,000 and among

these are foreigners who have invested in real estate in the Kusadasi. It is one of the most popular destinations in the region that during its peak season, the population increases 10 times its number to around half a million. Most of those who flock the city for vacation are local Turkish tourists and nationals of nearby European countries. kusadasi

The Kusadasi city has an open sea side at the back of the peninsula, where public beaches are located. Among the most popular swimming spots in town is the Ladies Beach, town beach, Bird Island Beach and on and on.. What makes the city more alluring to vacationers are its conveniences and luxurious establishments.

Kusadasi offers top class restaurants, a number of aqua parks, high-starred hotels and beach bars. Along with such amenities is Turkey’s natural scenery of open beaches lined with palm trees, blue waters and clear skies, and historical sites that are Turkey’s memoirs of the past. Nearly everybody speaks english as the second language. There are also some language translations ageny on the internet to give you an idea of the languages.Kusadasi indeed is a perfect getaway for tourists, truly a wonderful escapade to paradise.



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